Monday, September 12, 2011

happy (late) birthday to B.

B turned 28 on Friday. I know to some of you that may be very young. It's not to us. I cannot believe we are approaching 30. Don't get me wrong...30 is not "old" to me at all. The hangups we have about our age are more about the fact that it's a reminder that our life is so off course. We had a plan.  There should be babies...several of them. We should be living on a farm out in the country. (I know that might shock some of you but that is definitely a dream we still hope to accomplish.) I am not, nor will I ever be, completely at home in the city. Growing up in the country is one of the best gifts my parents gave me. I hope to do the same for my children. 
Anyway, back to B. He is now 28. He had a fun time celebrating his birthday with all things AU football. Thankfully, the team heard my "prayers" and won the game for B. It was a nail biter against Miss St. B's parents & sweet brother J were in town to participate in all of the birthday festivities. It was not the greatest photo day...too hot and are a few of the pictures from the weekend.

I didn't get any pictures of Mr. C. Sorry!
I will do better next time. 

Happy Birthday to you B. Here's to hoping 28 is the best year yet! Love you.

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